Today’s complex challenges cannot be addressed in isolation — within any single discipline, approach, or lab.

To live into our mission to enrich the future and challenge the present, we must collaborate across disciplinary and societal boundaries to develop research partnerships that leverage our broad excellence and to develop critical connections with communities.

The University of Michigan has a long history of interdisciplinary research, enabling scholars to explore problems with multi-layered approaches that leverage a wide range of disciplinary knowledge and methods.  The University also has a renewed commitment to engaged learning and scholarship, leveraging mutually-beneficial collaboration between scholars and community members toward shared research outcomes in which both sides have a stake.

  • Biological Station Initiative

    For more than 100 years, the Biological Station has offered the types of student learning experiences, and has generated the kinds of outcomes, that the U-M’s Third Century Initiative seeks…

  • Connecting Michigan

    Exploring the feasibility of developing technology-enabled infrastructure for community and civic engagement to amplify contributions to the public good.

  • Detroit

    Partnering with Michigan’s most important city to develop new ideas, processes, and policies that impact Detroit residents in positive ways.

  • 258 faculty funded by the Graham Sustainability Institute
  • 11 schools and colleges engaged in Poverty Solutions projects