Travel Resources

Engaged learning and scholarship take place in a variety of real-world settings. These guidelines and resources are intended to support U-M faculty, staff and students who are traveling off campus within the United States for University-related purposes.

Those traveling abroad for University-related purposes must continue to use the travel resources from Global Michigan, in accordance with University Standard Practice Guide #601.31. Schools, colleges and individual units may have additional policies and procedures in place to support domestic travel—travelers should adhere to those policies. This page contains resources that faculty, staff, and students may want to consider when engaging off-campus for University-related purposes to promote safety, security, and risk mitigation.

For questions regarding University-related domestic travel contact

Considerations for Domestic Travel During COVID-19

Travel during a pandemic will require careful preparation and flexibility. In addition to the travel guidelines outlined on this page, the resources linked below are intended to help U-M units, faculty, staff, and students prepare for university-related domestic travel experiences during COVID-19:

Examples of University-Related Off-Campus Activities

Students, staff, and faculty travel off campus for many different reasons. Examples of University-related off-campus travel may include but are not limited to:

  • Required and elective trips that are part of a course
  • Internships, clinical training, student teaching, and other practica
  • Service and community engagement opportunities
  • Academic and professional conferences
  • Research activities
  • Performances and exhibitions
  • Intercollegiate athletics
  • Co-curricular activities

Activities that are not considered University-related may include but are not limited to:

  • Voluntary student organization activities that are not University-sponsored
  • Non-university jobs
  • Personal volunteer work
  • Personal and leisure travel