Through a focus on ideas and knowledge, the University of Michigan is dedicated to creating and supporting a human environment, diverse along multiple dimensions of identity and thought. We believe that our work is critical to social progress and civic decision making.

Our excellence across all areas of human intellectual pursuit, combined with our commitment to the public good, and our ability to engage beyond the academy and around the world, allow us to address today’s complex interdisciplinary challenges and develop citizens who can enrich a future that is increasingly volatile and uncertain.

This site is dedicated to promoting these two intertwined threads at the University of Michigan:

  • interdisciplinary work that crosses our academic disciplines and brings together multiple modes of thought and approaches to knowing; and
  • engagement of our faculty, staff, and students with authentic stakeholders in our work, to both inform and guide the work with these stakeholders own knowledge and understanding, and to realize their own opportunities through the conduct of the work.

Twenty-first century problems will not be solved with twentieth century skills alone or within traditional academic disciplinary domains in the ivory tower.

Faculty, staff, students, and community members all play a critical role in addressing these challenges and making our world better. We all share a commitment to positive change pursued in partnership — across the disciplines, with the community, and around the world.

  • $50 M dedicated to interdisciplinary and engaged projects via the Third Century Initiative
  • More than 472 interdisciplinary faculty teams funded through MCubed