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  1. Lessons learned from quick pivots to online education

    This is the third term that U-M instructor David Chesney’s unique software design course on developing technology solutions for people with disabilities has been taught online, and he has learned from each iteration.

  2. HoloLens2 for Nursing: ‘hands-on’ lessons for remote learning & beyond

    Using Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Guides for HoloLens2 U-M Nursing will use an augmented reality platform to teach procedures, like starting an IV, placing a urinary catheter, placing a central line, starting an arterial line, doing a chest tube insertion, placing an NG tube, discharging a JP (wound) drain.

  3. Lessons in architecture: 3-D without leaving the classroom (or living room)

    A construction architecture professor created “Augmented Tectonics,” to introduce augmented and virtual reality into teaching. The virtual reality would provide a simulated construction experience. The augmented reality would involve a smart device app that would enable students to interact with 3D modeling and use the technology for design.

    1. U-M scholars awarded $10M in Mellon Foundation grants to address racial justice, inequity

      U-M has been awarded two $5 million grants through The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s Just Futures Initiative competition to support “visionary, unconventional, experimental and groundbreaking projects in order to address the “long-existing fault lines of racism, inequality and injustice that tear at the fabric of democracy and civil society.”

    2. Across prison walls: Connection between U-M students, incarcerated artists withstands pandemic

      With a lot of creativity and meticulous mailing logistics, U-M faculty, staff and students from different schools, all part of the Prison Creative Arts Project, remodeled the structure of their creative arts workshops for an online format and offered them in four areas: theater, creative writing, music and visual art.

    3. Patient rounds: Ages-old care & learning concept gets technology upgrade, international collaboration

      With help from the Center for Academic Innovation, a team from the Medical School created a program for virtual patient rounds using Microsoft HoloLens2 XR technology so students could continue to learn from the hands-on experience.

    4. UM online course specialization makes extended reality accessible to everyone

      A new three-course online specialization in extended reality (XR) offers something for everyone–from novices to the most advanced users, designers and developers.

    5. U-M students selected for Marshall, Schwarzman scholarships

      Seven University of Michigan students and recent graduates have been awarded prestigious scholarships for international study—one Marshall Scholarship and six Schwarzman Scholars. Each year, up to 50 Marshall Scholars are…

    6. U-M student raises 30K to build school in Malawi

      The children from a small rural village in Malawi will have a new school building by the end of this year, thanks to a University of Michigan student. Simon Kim,…

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