Students Get Hands-On Experience with COVID Cases During Emergency Response Rotation

College of Pharmacy

Forty University of Michigan College of Pharmacy 4th-year students recently completed the COVID Emergency Response rotation – the second group to go through the inventive and relevant nontraditional Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE).

“I know our fourth-year students have been looking forward to starting their Advanced Pharmacy Practices Experiences for much of their academic career,” says Peggy Carver, PharmD, Associate Professor of Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacist, Michigan Medicine.

“I remember this time period being an exciting and highly informative point in my education, and I wanted to give students as much of a hands-on experience as I could.”

Dr. Carver, who typically leads an infectious disease rotation, reached out to the College’s Experiential Education team to see how she could help students get the necessary Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience hours they needed to graduate. She was added to the COVID Emergency Response rotation, guiding students through week-two.

“I wanted students to actually ‘see’ patients with COVID-19” – so Dr. Carver came up with a HIPAA sensitive way for students to follow the care of actual Michigan Medicine patients without rounding at the hospital.

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