News & Features

  1. Fighting for Clean Water

    University of Michigan students fight off mosquitos, survive harrowing rides on dirt roads and live off rice and beans as they work to provide engineering solutions for clean drinking waters…

  2. Beyond Business—Social Entrepreneurship

    Ask Michael Gordon what he’s trying to accomplish by exposing undergraduates to an up-and-coming focus in business curriculum called social entrepreneurship and the answer probably will go something like this:…

  3. Building a Better World

    Ross School course encourages students to create mini businesses like one that makes glass coasters and provides jobs. Daniel Williams leans over, putting his face within inches of a sheet…

  4. First Global Challenges receive funding

    Nadine Naber’s digital archive will record stories from women in Egypt.

  5. Engineers making a difference

    Hands-on learning for a good cause

  6. UM-Flint Professor Receives Top Honor

    Mojtaba Vaziri, professor of physics and engineering at University of Michigan-Flint, has been selected to receive a Distinguished Professor of the Year Award by President Council, State Universities of Michigan….

  7. Course Inspires Creativity

    So there goes Beethoven. He’s walking in the woods. Suddenly, like a bolt of lightning – BAM! He gets the idea for his Sixth Symphony. “Because he’s cool and he’s…

  8. Teaching Academy Fosters Success Among New Faculty

    New faculty members who participate in a program to enhance teaching report greater confidence in their abilities in the classroom and more involvement in professional development activities. Student evaluations of…

  9. Initiative Promotes Global Learning and Engagement

    The Michigan International Seminars for Undergraduates program brings together students from different disciplines to read, hear about and discuss issues of global importance.