News & Features

  1. UMSI students exceed expectations for 2020 summer internships

    Nearly 350 UMSI students worked in credit-based or required summer internships this year, despite challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. Three ways to do hands-on and lab classes remotely

    One of the challenges of teaching online is how to create meaningful hands-on experiences, but this fall University of Michigan engineering students will build their own pulse oximeters, control a robotic arm, and install a radio antenna to collect data for a NASA mission to understand the sun’s most violent space weather eruptions.

  3. Students Get Hands-On Experience with COVID Cases During Emergency Response Rotation

    Forty University of Michigan College of Pharmacy 4th-year students recently completed the COVID Emergency Response rotation – the second group to go through the inventive and relevant nontraditional Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE).

  4. U-M senior’s COVID-19 data model reaches CDC

    For Sabrina Corsetti, the pandemic presents an interesting problem—a data problem, that is. Her efforts to model the pandemic’s spread using a machine learning algorithm has now been included in those being aggregated for the CDC’s weekly projections.

  5. U-M Center for Academic Innovation expands writing tool Lettersmith for professional connections

    Growing up in Maryland, Julie Hui remembers that when she wanted an internship experience, she hopped on the computer and “cold emailed” the people who could make it happen. And it worked.

  6. ViewPoint & Integrated Policy Exercise: engaging in real-life public policy issues during 2-day challenge

    Ford School of Public Policy’s Integrated Policy Exercise (IPE) is a mosaic of moving parts: for the two-day event, 170 master’s students role-play different constituencies of a notable policy issue in a real-time simulation of a negotiation process. Each student needs to be engaged at all times, and the event needs to adapt as students interact with the simulation and different scenarios play out.

  7. Personalized coaching and real-time feedback drives student teamwork

    Student group projects can sometimes conjure memories of unequal work distribution, domineering group leaders and times where one student is left frantically overhauling another member’s careless work, moments before a deadline.

  8. Ecology in the digital age: U-M students use machine learning for summer research

    Instead of spending their summer at remote research stations, University of Michigan students have been conducting field research at home. Using smartphones and machine learning platforms, students have also connected to a global network of scientists.

  9. GradeCraft & The Talent Gateway Program: Achieving Career Readiness Through Gameful Learning at U-M Dearborn

    Throughout their time on campus, students learn through not just academics — but through all aspects of their experience. Many times, however, they do not recognize these moments for growth and for developing skill sets that will greatly aid them in the future. Leaders at U-M Dearborn recognized this issue — and filled that need.