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  1. U-M students selected for Marshall, Schwarzman scholarships

    Seven University of Michigan students and recent graduates have been awarded prestigious scholarships for international study—one Marshall Scholarship and six Schwarzman Scholars. Each year, up to 50 Marshall Scholars are…

  2. U-M student raises 30K to build school in Malawi

    The children from a small rural village in Malawi will have a new school building by the end of this year, thanks to a University of Michigan student. Simon Kim,…

  3. School of Information student U-M’s first George J. Mitchell Scholarship recipient

    School of Information graduate student Marilu Duque has been selected as the University of Michigan’s first recipient of the George J. Mitchell Scholarship.

  4. U-M student named 2021 Rhodes Scholar

    Amytess Girgis of Grand Rapids, a senior in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, becomes the 29th U-M Rhodes Scholar since the awards were established in 1902.

  5. Difficult Decisions 101: Balancing hands-on learning and safety

    While new U-M COVID guidelines are requiring most undergraduates to study from home winter semester, some classes—those that are nearly impossible to conduct online—will continue to be taught in person.

  6. U-M first in the Big Ten for total number of students abroad, fourth in nation

    The University of Michigan is the top-ranked Big Ten university when it comes to study abroad and No. 4 in the nation overall, according to a new report.

  7. Understanding the ‘membrane’ in membraneless organelles

    But scientists have recently discovered that some organelles are not bound by a membrane, and studying these compartments in bacteria could open doors to understanding how to make some bacteria thrive, and how to thwart others.

  8. Glioblastoma nanomedicine crosses into brain in mice, eradicates recurring brain cancer

    A new synthetic protein nanoparticle capable of slipping past the nearly impermeable blood-brain barrier in mice could deliver cancer-killing drugs directly to malignant brain tumors, new research from the University of Michigan shows.

  9. Winter term plans grounded in campus engagement efforts

    University leaders conducted extensive outreach to students, faculty and staff to inform and shape the plans outlined Nov. 6 for the 2021 winter term.