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  1. Wallenberg Fellow set to investigate health care experiences, outcomes among minority groups

    Darius Moore—winner of the $25,000 Raoul Wallenberg Fellowship Award for 2021—to accomplish an independent project to investigate the impacts of intersectional stigma on health care access among minoritized groups in the Dominican Republic.

  2. Building ethical engineering leaders

    FACULTY Q&A A discussion with researchers who are developing a unique engineering graduate course on professional responsibility Where does the power and responsibility lie when a company is developing technology…

  3. 17 faculty members chosen for Public Engagement Faculty Fellowship

    Seventeen University of Michigan faculty members have been named 2021 Public Engagement Faculty Fellows, and will spend the summer reflecting, building skills and planning projects with public engagement experts across campus.

  4. Problem Solving Initiative course lineup brings U-M students variety of challenging issues this fall

    U-M Law School Problem Solving Initiative courses will give students the opportunity to tackle real-world challenges in multidisciplinary teams, using human-centered design thinking and problem solving tools.

  5. U-M’s partnerships, initiatives in Detroit on the rise during pandemic

    The University of Michigan ramped up its collaborations on a multitude of projects in the city of Detroit during the pandemic, including outreach to residents on issues ranging from unemployment…

  6. U-M physics undergraduate proposes solution to quantum field theory problem

    A pair of University of Michigan physicists have discovered that a set of functions called the Nevanlinna functions can tighten the interpretation step of quantum mechanics, showing that physicists may be able to overcome one of the major limitations of modern quantum simulation.

  7. U-M offers global learning community new events, opportunities

    The Center for Academic Innovation has added two new content features based on feedback from its online learners. Collections explore interdisciplinary issues by compiling related works, and a MOVE series features online presentations by faculty innovators.

  8. Project-based learning yields better student outcomes in studies supported by famous filmmaker’s foundation

    Students in project-based learning classrooms across the United States significantly outperform those in typical classrooms, according to studies announced by Lucas Education Research, along with five major universities, including the University of Michigan.

  9. Anxiety, depression reached record levels among college students last fall

    College students reported their highest levels of depression and anxiety of any prior semester last fall. Of the 32,754 students from 36 colleges and universities 47% screened positive for clinically significant symptoms of depression and/or anxiety—up from 44% last year.