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  1. U-M first in the Big Ten for total number of students abroad, fourth in nation

    The University of Michigan is the top-ranked Big Ten university when it comes to study abroad and No. 4 in the nation overall, according to a new report.

  2. Understanding the ‘membrane’ in membraneless organelles

    But scientists have recently discovered that some organelles are not bound by a membrane, and studying these compartments in bacteria could open doors to understanding how to make some bacteria thrive, and how to thwart others.

  3. Voting counts: How U-M grad students answered the question ‘Did you get my ballot?’

    A person speaks with another person across a counter with a plastic divider between them.

    A soft autumn light warms the township lobby, and streams past the plexiglass divider at the public counter to Susan McCullough’s cubicle just beyond. The deputy clerk in this northern Oakland County community with more than 17,000 registered voters wears a stars and stripes mask as she processes requests for absentee ballots.

    1. Glioblastoma nanomedicine crosses into brain in mice, eradicates recurring brain cancer

      A new synthetic protein nanoparticle capable of slipping past the nearly impermeable blood-brain barrier in mice could deliver cancer-killing drugs directly to malignant brain tumors, new research from the University of Michigan shows.

    2. Winter term plans grounded in campus engagement efforts

      University leaders conducted extensive outreach to students, faculty and staff to inform and shape the plans outlined Nov. 6 for the 2021 winter term.

    3. Plans announced for winter semester academics, housing, increased testing

      With the goal of balancing safety concerns with the university’s academic mission and the well-being and support of the campus community, University of Michigan leaders have announced 2021 winter semester plans that include more remote courses, fewer undergraduates living on campus and more widely available COVID-19 testing.

    4. U-M satellite clerk’s office has registered thousands to vote

      A satellite Ann Arbor city clerk’s office at the U-M Museum of Art is giving students a convenient location to register and drop off their ballots, and is providing several students with a volunteer opportunity.

    5. U-M story lab to amplify Detroit River narratives

      Two years in the making, the Detroit River Story Lab lifts off at the University of Michigan this semester with grant-funded partnerships and several multidisciplinary courses devoted to the international waterway’s long and deep store of sustaining narratives, past and present.

    6. The show must go on: Michigan Marching Band goes virtual

      While Michigan football continues on, with its first game Oct. 24, the Michigan Marching Band for the first time in its 123-year history will not be joining on the field. Instead the band’s first show will be released digitally in early November.

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    1. U-M Data Science Annual Symposium discusses data feminism, COVID-19

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    3. Surge of Michigan students volunteer for election

    4. 5 Lessons From a Race-and-Ethnicity Requirement

    5. Festifall goes online in response to COVID-19 pandemic