News & Features

  1. Health students across U-M’s three campuses gather for Interprofessional Education in Action

    IPE promotes the development of multidisciplinary expert teams, so students can develop skills and deliver high quality health care services together.

  2. U-M exhibition explores relationship between art, politics of the early 1970s

    “Abstraction, Color, and Politics in the Early 1970s” presents large-scale work by four American artists—Helen Frankenthaler, Sam Gilliam, Al Loving and Louise Nevelson—who chose abstraction as a means of expression within a particularly intense political climate.

  3. Compostable diapers are the aim of new sustainability startup

    Ecovia Renewables has shown that its biodegradable material can compete with conventional disposable diaper absorbency in the lab, and it’s working with manufacturers to put the material into prototype diapers and other hygiene products.

  4. From ponds to power: $2M to perfect algae as diesel fuel

    With $2 million from the U.S. Department of Energy, University of Michigan researchers aim to make the long-touted promise of algae as a biofuel source for diesel engines into a reality.

  5. U-M program opens doors for young job-seekers

    Summer18 is a partnership among the University of Michigan, Michigan Works! Southeast and Washtenaw County.

  6. Artists to ‘pave’ Ann Arbor’s Liberty Street with 10,000 illuminated books with help of U-M, community

    The U-M Institute for the Humanities has invited Luzinterruptus, an anonymous art collective based in Spain, to engage with the community and create a large-scale, illuminated book installation titled “Literature vs. Traffic.”

  7. $1.8M for ‘active learning,’ a step toward broader change in higher education

    The University of Michigan is the lead for a new NSF funded, multi-institutional project that aims to dispel professors’ fears and give them tools to implement active learning in their classrooms.

  8. This urban farm is on path to sustainability

    Akoaki, a design studio in Detroit, has been working with the Oakland Avenue Urban Farm for nearly four years to develop a vision and “guiding plan” to make it self-sufficient and sustainable. Plans for the farm’s future include a new focus on cash crops, an orchard, a store with an events and job-training space, an outdoor performance area, rentable space for visitors, and an international design library.

  9. Customizing community libraries: U-M, Michigan cities engaging residents in creative ways

    Making in Michigan Libraries is a project that pairs rural librarians with the University of Michigan’s School of Information, taking libraries and making them into places to create, get active, connect with the community and learn in different ways.