News & Features

  1. New scholarly focus needed to help solve global food crisis, U-M experts say

    Current approaches to finding solutions through applied academic research are too narrow and treat the food system as a collection of isolated components within established disciplines such as agronomy, sociology or nutritional science.

  2. Third century, first class

    Active. Experiential. Engaged. See how U-M students and faculty are transforming education as part of the University’s Third Century Initiative.

  3. Steps to a carbon-neutral future: Lessons from the 2018 Patagonia Case Competition

    What does an apparel company do when it’s already a leader in environmental manufacturing and has summited the peak of sustainable clothing? If it’s Patagonia, it decides to not only become carbon neutral by 2025 but also build a plan that inspires change across the industry.

  4. Locals provide unique bus tours of Detroit with some help from UMSI

    Detroit visitors now have four new urban tours to enjoy, thanks to help from a team of faculty and students at the University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI). The…

  5. U-M’s top-ranked Solar Car Team readies for race on Oregon Trail

    To this day, traversing the Oregon Trail takes grit. Next week, 21 collegiate solar car teams will be put to the test across its winding roads, expansive vistas and cloud-piercing mountains in the 2018 American Solar Challenge.

  6. Training to Say the Words No Patient Wants to Hear

    Each year, first-year Michigan medical students are prepped for one of the most difficult tasks they’ll face in their field: breaking bad news.

  7. Latest U-M teach-out seeks to catalyze civil discourse surrounding immigration issue

    As the debate continues over the current administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, the University of Michigan offers free, online education opportunities for anyone, anywhere to encourage productive ways to engage in civil discourse surrounding timely topics and issues.

  8. New U-M website helps public navigate social media

    As the 9th annual Social Media Day approaches June 30, the University of Michigan is launching a new website intended to help people navigate the social media landscape.

  9. Bridging the divide: U-M faculty, staff forge community through art

    Area young adults and local community members living with dementia have been united this past year to create seasonal public art installations centering on the themes of ‘light’ and ‘growth.’