News & Features

  1. U-M Solar Car’s second-place finish best in team history in Australia

    In an innovative, bullet-shaped car, the University of Michigan Solar Car Team took an historic second place today in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, an 1,800-mile race across the Australian Outback. Novum — as the team named this year’s car — is the smallest and most aerodynamic vehicle U-M has ever built.

  2. Third bicentennial colloquium to focus on ‘Campus of the Future’

    The colloquium will showcase student innovations that reimagine higher education, teaching and learning at Michigan, and the future of the university experience.

  3. Looking back and forward, Schlissel stresses U-M’s impact on society

    Whether it is in areas of sustainability or diversity, new medical frontiers or the fight against poverty, informing public policy or standing up to bigotry, U-M has made — and must continue to make — strong, positive impacts on society, President Mark Schlissel said.

  4. Summer programs expand undergraduate research opportunities

    The program is the newest offering from the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program that for 30 years has placed freshmen and sophomore students into research settings with faculty mentors.

  5. U-M PolicyMaker startup builds complex policy simulations

    “Simulations get people’s attention,” Gerber said. “They’re fun and interesting. They teach students more in-depth the content we’re trying to share about how policies get made.”

  6. School for Environment and Sustainability to host launch celebration

    The newly formed school will provide leadership and work collaboratively with other U-M schools, institutes, and programs to develop solutions to society’s most challenging global sustainability issues.

  7. New U-M course brings political leaders to campus to find common ground, real world solutions

    “Beyond Partisanship,” the brainchild of political scientist Arthur Lupia, aims to find common ground on issues that matter to most Americans and collaborate to find workable solutions to those problems.

  8. U-M Solar Car Team to chase world title in race across Australia

    The aptly-named Novum — Latin for “new thing”— is the most aerodynamic vehicle the team has ever built.

  9. U-M launches new Precision Health research initiative

    New initiative will harness campus-wide interdisciplinary research aimed at finding personalized solutions to improve the health and wellness of individuals and communities.

  10. University to focus on promoting faculty public engagement

    U-M is taking steps to expand how its faculty members engage with the public to influence federal, state and local policy, and how they share their knowledge about important issues with those outside the academic world.

  11. Next teach-out topics include elusive sleep, digital footprint

    Teach-outs bring people together online to share diverse perspectives and enable individuals to engage in meaningful interactions about current topics, including sleep deprivation, fake news, privacy and reputation, and the internet’s effect on human society.

  12. Research, education, service: How we spent our summer vacation

    Five students share their engaged learning experiences that included teaching locals about water filtration and technology, and learning about the culture and life experiences of people quite different from themselves.