News & Features

  1. BackPac helps encourage volunteerism among those who can’t put down the phone

    Meet Packy, a furry, fun boy—or maybe a girl—who looks a bit like a fox, or is it a wolf, or maybe a wolverine? This cute little character is not any one creature but a hybrid mascot, if you will, intentionally created to be many things to represent diversity and choice. And the little charmer whose face is popping up across campus comes with a message that volunteerism is important and can be fun and fulfilling.

  2. Leo Sarkisian’s ‘Music Time in Africa’: U-M archivist, anthropologist revive popular Voice of America show

    In September 2014, two University of Michigan professors received a phone call that would set them on a race to save more than a half century of African music.

  3. Teaching about climate needs to empower students toward change

    At a time when the reality of climate change has become the focus of national debate—often a political hot potato—research showing that 98% of students in a large introductory biology course believe it is a genuine problem would seem to be good news.

    1. Tandem tool helps students work better, participate more equitably in teams

      Whether in high school or college, most of us have experienced the frustration of group work. There often is at least one student who doesn’t pull her weight, leaving the…

    2. University of Michigan selected to host Presidential Debate in 2020

      The University of Michigan will host a Presidential Debate on Oct. 15, 2020, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced today. The debate, which will take place in the university’s Crisler Center, will be the second in a series of three Presidential Debates next year prior to the November election.

    3. Valeria Bertacco appointed vice provost for engaged learning

      Valeria Bertacco has been appointed vice provost for engaged learning. She is currently an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and associate dean for physical sciences and engineering in the Rackham Graduate School. Her three-year appointment, approved Oct. 17 by the Board of Regents, is effective Oct. 21.

    4. UMSI Summer Internship Experiences

      School of Information students experience amazing internship opportunities working for companies such as Google, HBO, and Ford, while spending their summer in places like California, New York City and Utah.

    5. Extended Reality: changing the face of learning, teaching, and research

      Students in a film course can evoke new emotions in an Orson Welles classic by virtually changing the camera angles in a dramatic scene. Any one of us could take a smartphone, laptop, paper, Play-doh and an app developed at U-M, and with a little direction become a mixed reality designer. A patient worried about an upcoming MRI may be able put fears aside after virtually experiencing the procedure in advance. This is XR—Extended Reality—and the University of Michigan is making a major investment in how to utilize the technology to shape the future of learning. 

    6. Event seeks to connect those doing engaged research

      An Intersections in Engaged Research event Friday, Sept. 27 at Palmer Commons seeks to bring together researchers and co-investigators from all three campuses who are involved in engaged research.The half-day event is aimed at uniting researchers and multiple internal sponsor organizations to share and leverage university resources in order to maximize the University’s public and community impact.