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  1. Coping with COVID-19: U-M students share their ‘new normal’

    While students say adjusting to coursework online and this “new normal” has been an ongoing challenge, pockets of positivity and optimism have emerged, illuminating now more than ever their support of each other, and faculty commitment to their education. Here are eight stories from U-M students reflecting on their experiences during this recent transition.

  2. Film students step into the shoes of a filmmaker using virtual reality

    Student has on headset to virtually operate a camera and uses hand monitors to "operate" the camera

    Put on a VR headset and step into your film studio. You’re no longer a student in an introductory-level film class — you are a cinematographer. Introduction to Film, Television & Media (FTVM 150) students have the unique opportunity to get out of the lecture hall in Angell Hall and get some hands-on experience with filmmaking.

  3. U-M awards 6 XR projects under new initiative

    A virtual reality chemotherapy simulation that helps train future medical professionals what to do when the drug leaks out of blood vessels and threatens a patient’s skin. A nuclear reactor simulation using virtual reality that offers training without the safety concerns of a live reactor.

    1. COVID-19: Responding to Emerging Community Needs with Connect2Community Portal

      As a community engagement center at U-M, the Ginsberg Center is working to make accessing and coordinating information about volunteering during COVID-19 easier in order to maximize community impact, while ensuring that we’re not adding burden for our partners.

    2. #EarthDay50 Teach-Out engages with environmental justice, sustainability themes to inspire action

      Earth Day at 50 Teach-Out will discuss topics including global sustainability efforts, policy and legal issues, climate change and environmental justice through conversations with faculty, students, researchers and community members.

    3. COVID-19: Out of classrooms and clinical rotations, medical students eager to serve the community

      An internal Google doc circulating among students shows an extensive list of student-driven community projects including blood donation drives, free babysitting services for frontline care providers, and much more.

    4. At home during Coronavirus pandemic? U-M offers online courses, exhibits, speakers 

      Living rooms around the world can become places to learn how to start a business for social impact or to peek inside a museum to see homemade ancient wooden toy horses from Roman Egypt. The University of Michigan is providing multiple opportunities to learn and explore online while staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

    5. Case studies provide in-depth lessons about sustainability

      The Third Century Initiative-funded effort that encourages those who teach about the environment to develop their own online cases is led by Rebecca Hardin, associate professor, School for Environment and Sustainability and director Michigan Sustainability Cases (MSC) initiative.

    6. Teach-out puts climate change in perspective, encourages citizen involvement

      The University of Michigan is offering a free learning opportunity “Melting Ice Rising Seas Teach-Out,” beginning March 2. The self-guided experience on Coursera will walk learners through the reality of climate change as evidenced by the melting glaciers in Greenland.